Clients and Recognition

Our clients include some of the world’s best-known and most successful brands & retailers.

Recognition & Awards

We take pride in ourselves by helping our clients look their best at retail and maintaining the highest standards in retail merchandising. Over the years Array has been recognized for our award winning design and exceptional customer service.

Some of the awards and recognition that we have received include:

  • Vendor of the Year Recognition
  • Supplier Excellence Awards
  • Display of the Year
  • Outstanding Merchandising Achievement Awards
  • Design of the Times Gold Winner

Client Testimonials

“I would like to commend Array as an extraordinary vendor. We talk a lot about service and consideration in our company & our industry – that last 1% of effort that can make or break success – this company has it in strides.”
Large US Retailer

“It [the fixture] really does look great and everyone is so excited. A big thanks goes to you and the whole group up at Array for building us such a beautiful shop…again. We keep throwing them at you and you keep hitting them out of the park.”
Global Prestige Brand

“If there were a vendor that is ideal for the type of work that we do – this is it.”
Large US Retailer