Design and Development

We bring stunning merchandising displays to life through our unique approach that involves a complete collaboration between design, development, engineering and model making teams. Innovative and inspired to our very core, Array’s design and development team is known for its award-winning and engaging merchandising solutions.

Global Manufacturing

Whether you need 10 units or 10,000, Array has the size, scale and scope to drive custom solutions and facilitate flexible production options. Our focus on the end result gives us the ability to bring any vision to life. Array’s firm foundation and over 30 years of experience give you complete peace of mind no matter how high your expectations.

Project Management

Array offers a full suite of project management services that use state-of-the-art systems and comprehensive management reports. Array’s project management team is known for its high exceptional attention to detail, its impressive planning and organization of complete end-to-end solutions, and its unparalleled access to all the elements resources needed to bring a brilliant program to life.

Customer Services

Good customer service starts with understanding your client. We listen closely, we work diligently and we skillfully manage your merchandising programs. The team at Array is intuitive, responsive and talented. It’s our job to understand your brand, and to make sure your objectives are met, your needs are anticipated and your expectations are fulfilled!